Saturday, May 21, 2011

Train Art Project

We love to do art projects in our house. Of course, in the discipline of art, I need all the help I can get. (My husband often comes home at night, and praises our toddler for her work, when in fact, it was my masterpiece.) Art projects don't have to take a long time to plan or to do, and they are a fun way to break up the day with a little one. Yesterday, we decided to do a Train Art Project.

First, I searched for "train coloring pages," and printed and cut out an engine. Then I cut out a square and a rectangle for the freight car and caboose. My toddler painted all the pieces.

I then cut out clouds, wheels for the freight car and caboose, and a sun.

I took a large piece of construction paper, and let my toddler paint it. She placed the pieces where she wanted, and we started to glue. I then cut out photos of animals from magazines (or you could print some out), and we placed them in the train. Here is the finished product. We have an art bulletin board in our house, that we put all our art treasures on. My little one is always so proud of her work!

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