Friday, June 10, 2011

Albertsons PAID Me to Shop!

A moral victory today...I achieved my first "Overage" at the grocery store, resulting in cash back. Only $0.02 back, but it's still better than free...and I could have gotten $1.02 back had I not forgotten an Albertson's "Double the Value" coupon in the car.

Transaction 1
La Victoria Salsa-$1.99. I'm glad this was free, since we go through a jar of salsa per week here. After the great $2 La Victoria Facebook coupon earlier this week (in which you could print 2), in addition to the "Double the Value" Albertson's store coupon (took off $1), I had a $1.01 overage, so I used it to buy a yogurt.

Athenos Greek Yogurt-$1.00. This was free because I used my overage towards it. We eat Greek yogurt everyday for breakfast, so a free cup helps the budget! This left me with $0.01 cash back for this transaction.

Transaction 2
La Victoria Salsa-$1.99. I didn't read the fine print on the coupon listed above, that it was only good for one product per transaction, so I did a second transaction. It was eligible to use another "Double the Value" coupon, thus giving me $1.01 in overage, but I left the other coupon in the car. So, I got $0.01 back from this transaction.

All in all, as I said, this was more a moral victory than anything. I was paid to shop, even if they did just give me my two cents back :)

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