Sunday, September 2, 2012

Can You Still Be Joyful When Everything is Going Wrong?

I’ve sat down to write this post numerous times over the last month. But, I wasn’t feeling very joyful—quite the opposite actually—so I had nothing to say. Now, I think I’m feeling a little more normal and have a better perspective. So here it goes.

This year has been incredibly difficult for our family. A sudden loss, a devastating diagnosis, a pregnancy spent on bedrest, financial concerns, and to top it off, our baby, whom we were expecting to be perfectly healthy, was born with a defect that will affect him for the rest of his life. The last few months I have had no joy in my heart. Not one ounce. As someone who has difficulty coping with the post-partum period anyway, these issues have brought me to the end of myself and have had me wondering if it’s possible to have joy in spite of everything going wrong.

Joy is not based on circumstances. It’s based on the One who gives joy.
Happy, sad, mad, tired, frustrated…think of all the emotions we experience on a typical day as our circumstances change. The joy that God gives…knowing that He’s in charge and loves us no matter what…cannot be taken away by change because He never changes.

There is always something to be grateful for even when life is at its most desperate.
Even though we have difficult life-changing things going on, I still want to be grateful for the little things. The kisses from my daughter, the food on our table, the roof over our heads. The sunsets, the smell of jasmine, new boxes of crayons...they're the simple pleasures that add up.

Joy is not an absence of pain. It’s choosing to carry on in spite of pain.
I’m not saying that choosing joy makes you happy all the time. It doesn’t. Because happiness is based on circumstances. The joy comes in knowing that no matter what, everything will be okay in the end. Good will come of whatever trial you’re enduring, and that God has plans to prosper and not to harm you.

This last year has undoubtedly been the most difficult time of my entire life. It seems like we’ve struggled with one thing after another after another. If the situations hadn’t been so devastating it would have been somewhat comical. But, I trust that the One who gives joy will help me see it no matter what even when I fail.


  1. Thank you. That really helps. I'm so sorry for all you are going through. The other day, I was asking God, "do I get a reward for having a good attitude in spite of this?" And I think He said, "the good attitude IS the reward, honey."

    1. Amen to that. The good attitude is definitely a reward. Can't say I've totally made it yet, but trying :)

  2. Prayers coming your way, girl. Love your attitude.

  3. have been through a lot. I found you through moneysavingmom and just wanted to come by to let you know my heart goes out to you. My son was born with a life altering diagnosis and that in itself was challenging without everything else you have experienced on top of it. Sounds like you have a great perspective even amongst the challenges.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and for the encouragement. I don't always have a good attitude about it, but I am convinced that all things will work for good :)

  4. I found you through moneysavingmom also, and I just wanted you to know that I have said a prayer for you and your family. Your words have brought tears to my eyes and put my life into perspective...and for that I THANK YOU!


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