Thursday, September 13, 2012

Daily Organization: Streamlining

Since finding out our baby has some special needs and will need many doctor's appointments in the foreseeable future, I realized I needed to streamline my days. Something I should have done before I had to! This simple system can be helpful for any busy, on-the-go family. Enter my trusty binder.

In this binder I have put everything I may need throughout the day.

I have pens and pencils, and a small calculator (when my daughter hasn't taken it away to play with it!) inside the pouch.

The dividers have the different aspects to our everyday life.
-To Do List
-Monthly Calendars (usually 2-3 months worth)
-Weekly Menu and Shopping List
- Phone Numbers and Notes
-I also have a tab for "extra paper", just because I'm weird and it messes up my mojo if everything in the notebook doesn't have it's own tab =)

On the To Do List, I write down the date, and everything I want to accomplish that day, and any pertinent appointments. Even simple things like "unload the dishwasher" or "feed the fish". Sometimes our days are so hectic that I'll forget to take a shower if I don't write it down!

Monthly Calendars are there to write down any and all scheduled appointments, get-togethers, deadlines or activities.

My Weekly Menu and Shopping List is a simple template in which I write down all my breakfasts, lunches, and dinners planned for the week with any ingredients I may need to purchase. On another page, I keep a running shopping list of any household things we may be in need of. I have also included a pantry inventory in here, so I can know what non-perishables I have to use that week, or what I need to restock.

Phone Numbers and Notes is a convenient place to put any important information I may need to access quickly. Since we are dealing with several different doctors and offices, it is always good to have this reference page on hand.

This is a simple and streamlined family notebook, that helps me be more efficient and make better use of my time. Hopefully, you can make use of it as well!

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