Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekly Menu and Recipes

In light of my infant's special needs diagnosis and ensuing doctor's appointments almost daily, I have striven to make easier and simpler meals. This has actually resulted in grocery store savings! We try to eat from the freezer and pantry, having only to purchase fresh fruits, veggies, and dairy. Breakfasts are simple (large batches of pancakes on the weekends make for easy weekday breakfasts), lunches are leftovers, and dinner is no-frills with simple side dishes. For example, a triple batch of tomato soup costs only about $2 more than a single batch, and makes enough for a few days. This meal will cost only around $0.50 a serving.

Sunday, 9/23
Breakfast: Pancakes, Fresh Fruit
Lunch: Out after Church
Dinner: Grilled Burgers, Chips, Fresh Fruit

Monday, 9/24
Breakfast: Muffins and Fresh Fruit
Lunch: Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches and Fresh Fruit
Dinner: Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Tuesday, 9/25
Breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls and Fresh Fruit (A special treat from Trader Joes :)
Lunch: Leftover Soup
Dinner: Manicotti (from freezer) and homemade Caesar Salad

Wednesday, 9/26
Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs and Fresh Fruit
Lunch: Leftover Manicotti and Salad
Dinner: Fish Tacos, Black Beans, Chips and Salsa 

Thursday, 9/27
Breakfast: Pancakes and Fresh Fruit
Lunch: Sandwiches, Chips, Fresh Fruit
Dinner: A dear friend is bringing dinner :)

Friday, 9/28
Breakfast: Bagel Friday
Lunch: Out to Eat
Dinner: Homemade Pizza and Salad

Saturday, 9/29
Breakfast: Waffles (a big batch to have for next week's breakfasts!)
Lunch: TBD
Dinner: Leftovers

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  1. That is quite a large variety of food that can be prepared on a weekly basis for three meals! It would be good if more of the recipes can be given and probably more pictures to illustrate some of the food!

    I liked the fact that your blog is easy for navigate and I could search for what interest me easily. Thanks! :)


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