Thursday, August 4, 2011

Costco Price Comparison...Breakfast Foods

We seem to go through a lot of breakfast foods in our house, especially waffles. When I see Eggos on sale at the store, I usually pick them up. But, after seeing this cost comparison, unless a pack of Eggos is less that $1.30 (happens quite rarely here), I will be purchasing them at Costco from now on.

Maple syrup, Oatmeal, Old Fashioned Oats, and Baking Mixes are significantly cheaper at Costco. As in, identical grocery store products can be three times as much ( based on unit price.) The Jimmy Dean Croissants and Pop-Tarts were more than twice as much at the grocery stores. In addition, both the croissants and Pop-Tarts were recent "coupon items" at Costco, bringing their price down even more.

The only breakfast item I typically wouldn't purchase at Costco is cold cereal. There are so many cereal coupons out there, I can often find them for less than $1.00 per box at the store.

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