Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Living Joyfully-Everyone Has Different Gifts and Talents

My husband thinks I'm a good cook. My daughter thinks I'm good at making up songs. My father thinks I'm a good Fantasy Football competitor. My mother thinks I'm a good writer. But, no one would disagree that I am horrible at anything crafty or home improvement-ish. 
The other day I had to go by Lowes. One of the guys who worked there gave my daughter a "kid's project." In this case, a wooden locker. I was excited to help my daughter, since an age 3+ project couldn't be that hard...Right? I even looked at the directions before I started. Five times.
Apparently, my reading comprehension skills are sorely lacking. I thought the third nail-hole was there on accident, so I misaligned the pieces. So, the locker doesn't open and close. The guy at Lowe's must have sensed my ineptitude, because he actually gave me two sets. Daddy will be helping her with the next one.

This little story actually reminded me of a lesson I've been trying to learn. We all have different gifts and talents. While we should still try to improve ourselves in areas that are not our specialty, some things just come easier to others. I sometimes get jealous of my friends who sew all their bedding, or make homemade candles, or know how to wake up at 6am without being cranky. But, my inability to focus on my own positive attributes, has taken away joy and contentment from my own life.

Instead of beating yourself up for all the things you're not good at, start to dwell on the gifts and talents God did give you.

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