Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Living Joyfully-Separating Needs from Wants

Studies have shown that married couples argue about money more than any other topic. Why? Because we always want more. Even when paychecks increase and bills decrease, couples will continue to argue about their finances. By separating our needs from our wants, we can loosen the hold of money on our lives and our relationships, and begin to understand what really matters in life.
  • We Need Less Than We Think We Do
    • Last week I bought a pre-portioned cookie dough scoop, that forms perfectly round balls of cookie dough. I wondered how I ever lived without it. From now on, I will need it every single time I make cookies. But, did I really need it? Would I be out on the street without food or water if I didn't buy it? Did not having a perfectly round cookie deprive me of some fundamental human right? No. Every time you purchase something, you should ask yourself "Do I really need this? Or could I do something better with my money?" 
  • Figure Out For Yourself What Really Matters
    • In the end my family is all that matters to me. More importantly, God promises His love no matter what. I would rather have nothing materialistic and still have the love and health of my family and the love of God in my life.
  • Realize That if Material Items Are The Goal, It Will Never Be Enough
    • No matter how much money someone has, there is always something else...something bigger or better that comes along. If money could buy happiness, Solomon would not have written the book of Ecclesiastes. 
  • Enjoy Your Wants, But Don't Let Them Control You
    • Life is worth more than getting your hands on the newest gadget or planning that next big vacation. Yes, it's important to take a break once in a while and enjoy the blessings God has provided you with, but making these things your sole focus will only leave you discouraged. Enjoy the things you have, but realize the most important things in life aren't things.
Have you ever watched the TV show "House Hunters"? I am always amazed when I see a beautiful home, but the buyers are too busy complaining about the wall color to notice the rest of the home. Sometimes our inclination is to complain about the little things in life, that we don't see the beauty in everything else.

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