Saturday, March 31, 2012

Art Project--Paper Easter Eggs

My daughter and I decorated foam Easter Eggs last year, but I had forgotten about it until I saw this post from Motherhood On a Dime the other day. This project is kind of made up from a bunch of scrap art supplies, which makes it even easier!

First, clean off the art table. Optional, but recommended. Especially if having things all cattywampus stresses you out. But, it may not. I'll leave my organizational issues at the door...

Ahhh, much better. (We won't discuss the paint that won't come off the tablecloth.) You can use any supplies you want for this project. I have foam Easter Egg cutouts, but you can use construction paper instead of the foam. Just cut out an egg shape. We also used glitter (glitter makes me happy), tissue paper squares, pom-poms. and sequins.

Put the glue and all the decorations out and let your kids do their thing. My daughter started out with the colored tissue paper squares.

Then she moved on to sequins.

The floor didn't look nearly as messy as I thought it would. My baby is growing up. (Sniffle, sniffle.)

After a couple healthy doses of glitter, here are the finished products. Mine is on the left. I once got a "C" in art. How on earth does one get a "C" in art? But, then again, how does a 20 year old receive a "B" in a course that included using 3-D glasses and foam puzzle pieces? So much for celebrating creativity. Pshawwww.

Anyway, I love this project because it's kind of like the "Leftover Night" of art projects. You can use whatever you have on hand to decorate, and it's fun and easy. And tell me, what better combination is there on earth that fun, easy, and glittery? (Hint: The answer is NONE!)

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