Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Favorite Things at Trader Joes: Snacks and Chips

Once a week when I was younger, my dad and I would sit in the living room, munch on "Little Fishies" (aka Goldfish) and have a Wonder Years party. I think my fondness for snacks stems in part from this experience; quality time with my dad. Wednesday nights were almost sacred, and he never forgot to pick up Little Fishies on his way home from work so we could watch our favorite show with our favorite snack. (Except once he got plain instead of cheddar, and ew.) 

Growing up, when I would ask for a snack, my mother would direct me to the refrigerator for fruit. Really? Fruit was not an acceptable snack in my opinion. It lacked the saltiness and crunch and overall satisfaction that I used to equate with snack foods. Now, I've come a long way in the healthy department, but I still have a weakness for the crispy, crunchy snack foods of long ago, so I apologize if this list is a little light in the "healthy snacks" department.

Favorite Snacks at Trader Joes:

Nuts and Dried Fruit:
I love making homemade trail mix, and Trader Joe's has a great selection of both.

Organic Popcorn:
Homemade popcorn is so much healthier than microwavable bags, and this organic popcorn is even better for you.

Kettle Corn:
Perfect sweet salty mix. I may have been known to eat a whole bag in one day. (Shhhh!)

Potato Chips:
These potato chips taste like a major brand, but aren't nearly as greasy. Perfect for lunches or a side for BBQ!

Organic Corn Chips:
I love Fritos on my chili. These are organic and cheap! Score!

Pita Chips and Hummus:
The pita chips are delicious and crispy and the roasted red pepper hummus (my favorite) is well spiced. 

What do you consider to be a snack food? What are your favorite snack foods at Trader Joe's?

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