Thursday, August 14, 2014

Book Review: 52 Uncommon Dates and a Giveaway

I recently posted Date Night on a Budget, which seems to go along well with my latest book review, 52 Uncommon Dates. As you can guess, this book is filled with 52 different dates you can take with your spouse, that don't fall into the typical dinner-and-a-movie routine. The book is written by Randy Southern, with an introduction from Gary Chapman who explains the importance of reading your spouse's "love language" in order to form a more intimate bond.

I like the layout of the book. Each date starts with a Bible verse, tips to make it happen, conversation starters for the date, and how to incorporate your spouse's love language into your date followed by a bunch of Bible verses that discuss the theme of the date. There were some really interesting dates: going to a garage sale together, taking a bike ride together, building with Legos, going ice skating, a date that needs to stay entirely in the car, and watching a sunrise together. Because of the pre-date and post-date content in the book, each date had a purpose of building true intimacy instead of just going out to pass the time.

Before I can accurately share my opinion of this book, I have to explain my husband a little bit. He's very much a military man...which means he likes routine, and doesn't like to share his feelings. Ever. He has amazing strength and wisdom, and I am grateful for how much he balances me in my emotions, but I have to admit that he was not interested in most of the dates, and really wasn't a fan of the conversation starters or references to love language. I think he finds it all a bit frilly. But, that's just my husband, and I love him for who he is =)

That said, I did like the ideas in the book. I'm not sure it really works for us in this stage of life (we don't get the chance to get out without the kids much, and we'd probably prefer to go places and do things we know we're going to enjoy to take advantage of the time away.) But, I think it still offered some good advice and ideas, and I'm sure there are many couples who could benefit from reading this, and incorporating some of the dates for their next evening (or morning, or afternoon) away. I think this book is probably best suited for couples without children, or couples with older children. It would be difficult to do some of these ideas when you're parenting littles.

*Moody Press provided me a copy of this book as well as a giveaway copy in exchange for my honest review.

The Giveaway is Now Over. Congratulations Laura for being our winner!

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