Monday, August 25, 2014

The "Ah Bahm Oo" Miracle...An Update on Junior

Junior talking to Bionic Buddy, the mascot for his cochlear implant company.

To most of you it would sound like gibberish. The meaningless jargon of a toddler, as he learns to find his voice. But to me, it's a miracle.

"Ah bahm oo"

It represents our journey. All the fears and pain. All the things I thought I was giving up when I accepted that Junior was deaf. The dreams I thought I had to abandon because our child wasn't "perfect" in the eyes of the world.

It represents the last two years of sacrifice, appointments, therapy, and tears.

It represents hope. Picking up the pieces and realizing that joy doesn't come from circumstances. That miracles happen in the mundane.

Because this time, when I picked him up and said "I love you", Junior looked at me and replied "ah bahm oo".

The dream I had once discarded--of my child hearing me say I love you--was picked up, dusted off, and  presented to me as a gift. A gift of his not only hearing me, but telling me that he loved me too.

"Ah Bahm Oo" may mean nothing to a stranger, but to me it means everything.

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