Thursday, May 26, 2011


I have been asked many times about how I organize my coupons, and how I remember to use them when I go to the store.

First, we'll talk about basic organization. Some people use folders, some use binders, some use boxes. It really doesn't matter what you use to organize your coupons so long as there is a way to separate them into categories.

Here is the most basic breakdown for coupon organization.
-Breads, Pastas, Rice
-Dairy and Fresh Produce
-Frozen Foods and Meats
-Canned and Boxed Foods
-Snacks, Candy, and Drinks
-Restaurants and Fast Food

-Personal Hygiene and Toiletries (such as deodorant, feminine hygiene, oral care and shaving cream)
-Soaps, Lotions and Hair Care
-Cleaning Supplies, Laundry, and Dish Soap
-Medical and First Aid (such as vitamins, OTC pain relief, band-aids, etc.)
-Misc Household (such as batteries, toilet paper, and paper towels)
-Toys, Games, and Clothing

I keep my coupons in my car, so they're always with me, and I don't forget them when I go shopping. I also make a list when I go shopping, and put the coupons I know I am going to use in a plastic bag inside my wallet. This way, I can't pay without remembering to use my coupons!

Another key to coupon organization is knowing what you have. Look through your coupons often. This way, you can see a product, and immediately know if you have a coupon or not. In addition, it will keep all coupons current. I go through my coupons every week, but you can go through them every few weeks to ensure you don't have too many expired coupons. You can donate your expired coupons to troops overseas, through Krazy Coupon Lady's Coupon Donation Program.

Coupon Organization is the first key to coupon success. Once you get in the habit of keeping your coupons organized, it will become second nature to use them effectively, thus saving money and time.

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