Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lion Art Project

Here are the supplies you will need for this adorable Lion:
A piece of yellow construction paper, cut as shown
A triangle cut out of black construction paper for the nose
About 8-10 strips of yellow and orange cardstock, wrapped around a pencil to create a curling effect
2 yellow and orange pipe cleaners, cut into 2 inch strips for whiskers
2 googly eyes
Glue...I started with School Glue, but switched to Tacky Glue for the whiskers.
A craft stick (not shown, optional)

Glue the eyes, nose, and smile as shown. Arrange straight pipe cleaners on the side of the Lion's face to create whiskers. (Not shown)

To finish, have your child glue on the lions curls, and glue to a craft stick if desired. If using Tacky Glue, let dry 24 hours. Enjoy!

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