Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Living Joyfully-Doing Something Nice For Someone Else

Growing up, my mom always knew how to snap me out of a rotten mood: "Go do something nice for someone else!" she'd say.

This is a surefire way to brighten your day, and to take the focus off yourself and your problems, and project your energy into benefiting others. Doing kind things for others brings joy, because we know we have helped make someone else's day a little better. Even with limited time and a small budget, you can share kindness with others.

How Can I Help Others?
There are many ways to help other people. Is a friend going through a rough patch? Encourage her with a phone call; let her know you're thinking of her. Could somebody you know use a pick me up? Send them a handwritten card or letter saying you are praying for them. Do you have a lonely relative? Go for a short visit just to say "hi." Pray for those who are on your mind.

I Want To Donate, But My Budget Is Limited!
There are many worthy sources of your donations, and they don't have to be financial. Come across a great deal on some non-perishable food? Do you have 10 years worth of toothpaste in your stockpile? Consider donating some of them to your church's homeless outreach program or food bank. Have your children grown out of their baby clothes? Consider donating gently worn baby clothing to a local woman's shelter or pregnancy center. We enjoy creating shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child every year, but the costs can add up quickly. Instead of purchasing everything right before donation time, we find little things here and there throughout the year. By purchasing small toys and hygiene supplies on clearance or with a coupon, we can afford to fill more shoe boxes for needy children.

I Want To Volunteer, But Where?
There are probably many organizations in your area that rely on volunteers. Your local church is a great resource when looking to volunteer. They will either have ministries that need volunteers, or can direct you to other worthy organizations.

I always pray that God would allow me to bless at least one person every single day. This takes the focus off my anxieties and petty worries, and be more concerned with someone else's happiness than with my own. This brings joy.   

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