Thursday, June 9, 2011

Target Clearance Deals

Target had a lot of useful clearance items when I went today. I was excited, since it was stuff I needed anyway!

Tootsie Roll and Mini Lollipop Mega Pack-$3.24 each. These were normally $6.99 each, and they're perfect, since my little one is having a Candy Land themed birthday party next month. I plan to use these to decorate the Candy Land cake, and make a Lollipop Topiary.

Gilette Pro Fusion, 5 Razor Blades and Shaving Cream-$9.98 each. My husband needed razor blades, and I picked up about 6 months worth for 50% off.

Dove Body Wash-$2.98 each. This is the only type of body wash I can use without my skin itching like crazy. They're normally $6 per bottle, so I was pretty happy to pick up a few. I only wish I had that Dove coupon that expired last month!

Listerine-$2.48. I had a $0.75 off Target coupon, and a $1 off Manufacturer's Coupon, which brought this product down to $0.73.

Wet Ones-$2.45. This wasn't the deepest discount ever (normally $2.99), but I use them. A lot. Unfortunately, I didn't see the $1/2 coupon (it was stuck at the bottom of my coupon folder), or I'd have picked up two.

I also used the two $5 gift cards I received last week with the Target Sunscreen Deal. It was a good trip and I didn't spend too much out of pocket. We even treated ourselves to an Icee =)


  1. I am so jealous! I never can find any good clearance deals at our Targey! I think that I would love to find that candy on clearance... I probably would have bought every bag in stock!

  2. Hi Kari! I was surprised to see so many things on clearance, myself. I was there about 1pm, and they were just putting things out. Not sure if that's when they put clearance out, or if it was just a lucky day :)


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