Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Turtle Art Project

The other day I saw an adorable idea from Family Fun magazine to turn a rock and some craft sticks into a turtle. Since we had both, I figured it would be a fun craft.

You need glue (not shown), paint (I used blue, green, and yellow because they combined to look kind of turtle-ish), 3 craft sticks (1 whole, two cut as shown), two googly eyes, and a rock. Our rock was about 3 inches in diameter.

Have your child paint both sides of the rock and craft sticks.

Attach the googly eyes to the long, whole craft stick. Arrange the rock on the craft sticks as shown, and glue the rock down. I used tacky glue; because of the weight of the rock, school glue wouldn't have held it. Finish with glitter. If you're brave. Or crazy. Or a little bit of both.

Allow to dry overnight. This little guy makes for a cute paperweight. Or a garden turtle. Or something. While you're cleaning up the glitter out of the crevices in your kitchen floor, you can remember how much fun you had.

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