Friday, July 15, 2011

Cute Little Caterpillar

Our live caterpillars (to watch grow in our Butterfly Garden) came yesterday, and we were so excited we decided to do a caterpillar themed art project!
You will want to make about a dozen smaller circles and one large circle (I used the cap from a Costco sized bottle of Garlic Powder to trace the smaller circles, and the lid to a Nutella jar to trace the large circle.). You will also need a large piece of construction paper, glue, glitter, and 2 googly eyes (one fell under the table right as I was snapping the photo). You will also need 2 small straight pieces of construction paper for the antennae and about 5-10 long green "stalks" made from construction paper (pictured later.)

Glue the large circle on the construction paper for the head, then start gluing the small circles on for the body. Glue the eyes on the head, and start gluing the long green stalks onto the paper for grass. (Or a "tree" as my daughter made.)

You'll want to glue on the antennae (just short, straight strips of construction paper), and start the glitter madness!!! Use a crayon or marker to make a face and feet for your little caterpillar, and come back in a few weeks when he becomes a butterfly!

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