Monday, July 4, 2011

Shopping for FREE at Walmart!

I made a quick run to Walmart before the 4th of July festivities this afternoon. I spent $4.24. Unfortunately, I needed to get some Cortizone Cream (stinkin' summer bug bites!), which cost $4.29 after tax. So, that means I paid for the Cortizone Cream, and paid negative five cents on everything else! Here are the coupons and deals I used:

Bounty Paper Towels $1.97. I was fortunate to have qualified for the $5 Bounty Coupon promotion on the Bounty Facebook page last month. I used the $5 coupon, and received the remaining $3.03 in overage.

Coke/Diet Coke/Sprite 2-L $1.25. I price matched this with CVS's $0.69 price this week, and used three coupons from Recyclebank: (2) B1G1 Free 2-L, and (1) $1/1 Coke Product. After price match, coupons, and overage from the $1 coupon, I only paid $1.07+CRV for all five bottles.

Black Flag Fly Swatters $0.98. I used the $1/1 Black Flag product coupon from the newspaper several weeks ago, and got both these for FREE. I plan to use one for art (outside painting), and one for actual fly swatting.

Cascade Dishwashing Pacs 3-pk $0.97. Since the $1/1 Cascade product coupon from the P&G insert last week did not specify a size, I got this pack for FREE. 

Aquafresh Extreme Clean $0.97-Since the coupon for $1/1 Aquafresh Extreme Clean I printed here did not specify size, I got the travel size FREE.

Twizzlers Pull-n-Peel $1.50- I'm just about done getting the candy for my daughter's Candy Land party, but I picked these up to decorate the cake. I used the $0.75/1 Twizzlers coupon from the paper several weeks back, and paid $0.75 for this.

Cortizone Cream $3.98+tax. I had no coupons, but needed to purchase this anyway. I got home and noticed a $1/1 coupon online, but I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I paid for this and got everything else free (the overage even covered the tax and CRV on all the other products.) Not a bad deal.


  1. Save your receipt and print the cortizone coupon next time you go in "say I forget this coupon at home" last time and they will give you the money for the coupon. As long as you can show proof you bought the right product (sometimes you have to take the item back in with you) but they are good about giving the money for the coupon after all they will still get the money for the coupon.

  2. That's a great tip, thanks. Hopefully it hasn't been too long since I purchased it. I know there is a time frame on that sort of thing.


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