Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dolphin Collage Art Project

This project combined several different art techniques: collage, stamping, painting, and of course, the ever crucial glittering.

Since we were doing a Dolphin Collage, I wanted the background to be blue for the ocean. I used two shades of blue construction paper, and had my daughter rip the paper into various shapes and sizes.
She then glued down the ripped paper onto a large sheet of white construction paper. It had a really fun effect, of various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Then she painted. Yay her. Not so yay me. She's a messy artist. We also used sponges instead of paintbrushes, just to be different. And because I couldn't find the paintbrushes in the black hole that is the art closet.

Dip, stamp, dip stamp, mix colors, repeat. I outsmarted my 3-year old, and didn't give her any colors that would combine to make brown. She knows I prefer bright colors to brown during art, so she intentionally turns everything into brown when she can. Point for Mommy!

Then I cut out two dolphin templates, and had her glue them down.

Finally, she stamped and painted said dolphins. Then she drowned one in a sea of glitter. I promise there were two of them. Then we discussed where dolphins live, how they communicate with each other, and I sang the Flipper theme song as loudly as possible without disturbing the neighbors.

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  1. haha, my youngest loves dumping glitter on anything she can! Who can resist those sparkles?

    Would love to invite you over to my weekly child centered linky party - The Sunday Showcase to share your idea.

    You can link up here - http://momto2poshlildivas.blogspot.com/search/label/Sunday%20Showcase



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