Friday, September 23, 2011

Kitchen Tip--Homemade Cinnamon Sugar

I was at the grocery store the other day, and in the spices I saw "Cinnamon Sugar". Really? I've always made my own for a fraction of the price, and didn't realize you could purchase it pre-mixed. Here's my ratio for perfect Cinnamon Sugar:

Cinnamon Sugar 
  • 1 tsp cinnamon to every 1 TBS sugar. 
Yep, that's it. I mix 1/2 C white sugar with 2 2/3 TBS cinnamon. I put it in this nifty shaker.

If you're curious about prices, remember you'd need to get a 2.27 oz. container of cinnamon for $0.59 to beat Costco's price. If you are a baker, (or just really like cinnamon), the bulk price of cinnamon at a warehouse store would make a lot more sense than buying from the grocery store.

Sprinkle cinnamon sugar on homemade pumpkin pancakes (my breakfast this morning!), on toast, tortillas with butter (a favorite memory of my Nana), on applesauce...the possibilities are endless!


  1. My son LOVES it on roasted butternut squash.

  2. That sounds delicious, Shellee! I bet my daughter would love that as well. Thanks for the tip!


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