Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Big Picture Savings...Three Things to NOT Ignore

Most of us are very good at saving a lot on small things. (Think scoping out the local gas stations to find the cheapest gallon, or spending hours organizing and cutting coupons.) But, many of us also overlook the importance of "big picture" savings. (Myself included!) Here are three things you should not ignore. Spending a little on these things now could actually save you a ton later on.

1. Your Car
Your car transports your most precious cargo: your family. You should try to service your car regularly with oil changes and tune ups, to ensure it is always running at its most efficient. Regular servicing saves you money in the long run in that a.) Your gas mileage will be better, and b.) small problems caught early are much less expensive to fix than a small problem that has degraded into a huge problem!

2. Your Health
Eating as healthy as possible on a regular basis is a small expense that can be a huge cost saver in the long run. My weekly grocery list is made up of 80% fresh fruits and fresh or frozen veggies. Consequently, I have little room for convenience items in my budget. I also purchase probiotics at an additional expense, which have drastically reduced the number of colds in our home. I have heard many people complain that fruit and vegetables are too expensive, so they don't purchase them often. A diet lacking in fresh foods can cause more doctor's visits and time off work, thus resulting in a significantly higher cost later on. Because purchasing fresh food is my priority, I find a way to make it work with my budget. 

3. Your Home
Your home needs maintenance to keep working at its ideal as well. Fixing a leaky faucet, regularly replacing heating and air filters, and ensuring insulation is up to par are three little things that most of us would overlook, but can end up costing a lot of money from inefficient heating and air, and water usage.

Many of us unintentionally overlook big picture savings in our quest to spend the least amount of money at that time. But, a little maintenance goes a long way in ensuring that a little worthwhile spending now will equate to big savings later on.

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  1. All good points! I also think diet is very, very important. My 16 month old is getting ready for hip surgery and I'm freaking out a big about colds. I've never been a huge germaphobe, but I am right now... :-) The biggest thing I'm doing though, is taking lots of supplements - vitatmins, probiotics, eating fresh, clean fruits & veggies. I don't want there to be any excuse not to get this surgery done.


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