Monday, October 24, 2011

My Goals for the Week

Last week was crazy around here. Besides the relentless 24-hour morning sickness and fatigue of early pregnancy, I also came down with a cold that morphed into a sinus infection, and somehow caught the stomach flu. Now that last week is behind us, and this sinus infection is almost cleared out, I can look at my goals again. Here are my goals from last week:

Have a positive attitude and look at the positive more than the negative.
I tried, but, it was a tough week!
Do an art project with my daughter.
We did a "Clown Fish" art project. Basically just a clown fish cut out and paint. But, she had fun!
Get some headway on Christmas shopping.
I got some great ideas and even purchased a gift!
Encourage someone with a phone call, note, or email
I fell behind on this last week, but have several people in mind that could use encouragement this week.
Worry Less, Trust More
This is a continuing goal that I can always improve in, so I won't be crossing it off :)

Here are my goals for this coming week:

Goal #1
Finish and Publish Two Blog Posts
I have a few holiday related posts I want to finish this week!

Goal #2
Encourage Someone with a Phone Call, Note, Or Email
There is always someone that needs encouragement!

Goal #3
Come up with a Plan for Meals
We've been eating out more than I would like the last month, so I hope to plan out a few meals that don't require much (or any) preparation, so we can eat at home.

Goal #4
Spend 15 Minutes per day Reading to My Daughter
We've been falling out of regular reading time lately, so I want to restore that to our routine.

Goal #5
Worry Less, Trust More
Continuing Goal...remembering that God knows what is best for me, not me!

Do you have any goals? I'd love to hear about your goals for the week! Share them here or on our Save Money, Live Joyfully Facebook Community!

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