Saturday, February 25, 2012

Living Joyfully--Enjoy Your Season

Life is made up of seasons. Some are happy, some are bittersweet, and some are more productive than others. By taking advantage of the current season in our life, we resist the urge to compare ourselves to others, and enjoy every blessing we've been given.
  • Don't Compare
    • If you're in a season where survival is the name of the game (such as going through a difficult pregnancy or handling a newborn with a toddler, dealing with job loss or another major lifestyle change, etc) don't compare your situation to others. Your friend with older children may have a cleaner home, or you may not have the time, energy or finances to participate in many extracurricular activities and that's okay. Look for the little joys in every day and don't compare your situation to anyone else's.
  • Choose Contentment Now 
    • If you're constantly saying "I'll be happy as soon as ______" then you'll never be happy. There will always be some new milestone to achieve, more money that's needed, a bigger home, etc. In reality, once we get to that new place in our lives we were desiring, we often look back and think "I miss how things used to be." So, enjoy everyday. Embrace the challenges and triumphs of your current season of life and be grateful for what you have now. Life is too short to always be thinking of the next big thing, and not enjoying the blessings you currently have.
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