Friday, March 23, 2012

Make it Or Buy It? Detangler

I have seen recipes all over the internet for homemade hair detangler. Since this is something my daughter uses on a daily basis, I decided to try my luck at it. It's actually very simple. (So simple, in fact, that I feel a little dumb for buying it!)
Yep, that's the cast of characters. Just water and conditioner and a spray bottle. I filled the spray bottle (3 oz) about 3/4 of the way full and added some conditioner. No more than a few squirts...somewhere between 1/4-1/2 tsp. Then I shook the spray bottle until the conditioner was dissolved.
It became super foamy. It worked pretty well in my daughter's hair. I had to re-spray a couple areas, but I think as I make this more I'll find the perfect ratio of conditioner to water. The only thing I would do next time is buy kid friendly conditioner. It does sting a little when it it accidentally gets inside little eyes.

Water: Free (1/3 C of water is what, 1/20 of a penny?)
Conditioner: $0.05 (I can make 20 batches of detangler in this 3 oz spray bottle. Conditioner was $1, so each batch cost about $0.05.)  
Spray Bottle: $1 (One time cost.)

Cost Per oz of homemade: $0.02/oz plus the one time cost of a spray bottle

Cost Per 10 oz of storebought: $0.19/oz

Bottom Line: Make It. There is no downside to making this yourself, and you'll save money!

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