Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Art Project-Bunny in the Grass

 This is a cute little spring craft that only requires construction paper, glue, a couple googly eyes, a Sharpie, and some crayons. (I had the pom-poms and tissue paper squares out just in case my daughter wanted to add them to the project.)

Free hand a bunny head (I promise it's not that's a circle and some ears). I am completely art illiterate--if I can do it, so can you.

Draw the face in pencil first. Then outline the facial features in a black permanent marker. 

Then allow your child to color in the bunny, and glue him to a piece of construction paper. (The bunny, not the child.)

Rip out pieces of construction paper for the grass. Next time I would leave out the brown. It kind of turned him into "Camo Bunny'. 

Have your child glue the strips of paper (the grass) to the paper with the bunny. Mine really does look like Camo Bunny, but that's okay. We're just patriotic :)

Add googly eyes to the bunny, and that pathetic little yellow pom-pom is supposed to be a sun.We added glitter to the grass just because glitter makes everything better. That's a life lesson...remember it!

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