Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What's In the Bible DVDs...20% Off!

The other day on a recommendation, I picked up "Why Do We Call It Christmas?," a DVD in Phil Vischer's (the creator of Veggie Tales) new series called "What's In The Bible" that teaches children about the concepts and stories of the Bible.

Heading into the Christmas season, I wanted our 4-year old to learn the significance of the true meaning of the holiday. I expected this DVD series to be goofy and entertaining only for children, but I was SO wrong. We both thoroughly enjoyed the history and humor in "Why Do We Call It Christmas?," so much so, that my husband picked up a couple more DVDs from the "What's In The Bible" series on his way home from work that evening. Our entire family has loved the episodes and we have learned so much about the Bible in an entertaining yet informative way.

If you are purchasing for a child this year, (I think this series is geared towards the 4-10 year old range; a little older than Veggie Tales) I would highly recommend ordering these DVDs. This link will give you 20% off your purchase, with free shipping on orders over $15.

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