Thursday, April 25, 2013

Junior's Story...Part 3

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After receiving the diagnosis that Junior was profoundly deaf, we were left with more questions than answers. Obviously, we needed to process the shock of having a child with special needs, then have to make some decisions that would affect the rest of his life. Did we want to immerse him in the deaf community, teaching him to communicate via sign language? Or did we want to pursue the cochlear implant option, that would allow him to mainstream into society?

After much prayer and consideration, we chose the path that would allow Junior to receive a cochlear implant. Many dozens of doctor's appointments ensued, as well as a hospital visit to determine via MRI if his anatomy would support an implant. After months of waiting, which seemed like an eternity, we were grateful beyond words to find out that Junior was, in fact, a cochlear implant candidate.

A cochlear implant does not restore normal hearing (some say that sound is perceived as somewhat mechanical), and any residual hearing must be destroyed in order to perform the surgery, but with enough therapy and exposure to sound, Junior will be able to hear and develop near normal speech.

At 8 months old, we watched as the Operating Room nurse carried Junior back, wearing his baby hospital gown, and smiling at us. After a 7 hour surgery, we were told all was successful. Junior's surgery site had to heal for the next three weeks, then we would attach the external implant pieces and be able to "turn them on", allowing him to hear for the first time.

The moment that Junior first heard my voice was surreal. I called his name and he turned. He heard my husband's voice and smiled. Sound is a small thing that almost everyone takes for granted, but to us, Junior's simply hearing our voices is the miracle we had be praying for, and we thank God every day that he has given our boy this opportunity.

The future is still unknown for Junior (he has several genetic variants that could cause issues with his development, or even cause blindness as he gets older, and he also has additional developmental delays), but we know God will be faithful in guiding us through the path He has created for us.

Junior Wearing his Cochlear Implants
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  1. hi sara - I know you've shared details here and there in comments on my blog, but I finally sat down to read through all your posts about junior today - so much love to you all, and so grateful he was able to get the implants. such a blessing! anyway, as always I am amazed that you are doing homeschooling on top of everything else, you're a trooper! ;)

    1. Thank you Jane. I appreciate the sweet words! I am only grateful that God's provisions are new every morning. I'm definitely tuckered by the end of each day, but each new day brings it's own strength. We are so grateful for Junior, and all that he's brought into our lives!


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