Friday, May 31, 2013

An Update, an Apology, and Encouragement

First of all, I apologize to all my readers for being largely MIA the last few weeks. May was an insane month. I had three days the entire month, including weekends, with nothing on the calendar. Junior had between 3 and 5 doctor/therapies appointments every week, and Stinker filled in the gaps with gymnastics and soccer. Plus, Junior celebrated his first birthday. We celebrated his coming through so much, but the future is still unknown. Tests are out to determine whether he has any genetic conditions or syndromes that will cause a degenerative effect in many of the things we take for, range of motion, walking, etc. I haven't been able to rest or stop worrying, but we likely won't receive results for several months. I would definitely appreciate your prayers for Junior's continued health and that he has no additional issues besides the hearing loss.

I hope to be back on a regular blogging schedule in the coming days and weeks. In the meantime, let me leave you with some encouragement:

I know what it's like to be exhausted, and helpless, and discouraged. When nothing is going your way, and just breathing in and out is an accomplishment. I know grief and pain, and anger and frustration. I have known those things all too well since the start of last year. I say "I trust God with my life", but actually feeling at peace when so many circumstances are out of my control is a different story. A friend of mine shared this verse not too long ago, and it gave me a little burst of encouragement.

Psalm 34:10 says:
The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.

God knows everything that's happening, and if He hasn't given us something right now, it's because He has something even better planned for us. So very, very hard to believe when everything is "going wrong", but tuck that away and know that He knows our struggles and pain and despite it all, He has plans to prosper and not harm, no matter what is happening in our lives. Sometimes you just have to know and believe and let the feelings follow later.

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