Monday, September 2, 2013

Saving Money...Quick Tips at Target!

Target is one of my happy places. Sometimes on the weekends, I'll leave the kids with my husband and go for a drive. That usually means I'm going to the nearest Target to wander around the aisles in peace.

One of my favorite parts of Target is browsing their clearance sections. While they often have an excellent clearance selection, purchasing unnecessary items obviously increases the risk of overstepping our budget. Here are a couple tips for staying on budget in the clearance aisles of Target:

1. Keep an Eye out for "Online Items"
-Items that were purchased online and returned in stores are as much as 90% off. Because it's not a store item, they want to liquidate at quickly as possible. The areas that I've seen the most online items are in the baby section (baby shower returns), and the furniture/home section. They're often just tossed into the regular clearance area, though, so keep an eye out. But, it's very hit or miss, and these deals are often scooped up quickly.

2. Check Reviews Before Buying
-Recently I saw a toy that I thought would make a good Christmas present for my daughter. It's was 70% off. However, I pulled out my phone, went on Amazon, and checked the reviews for the product. It only received 2 stars in multiple reviews for being poor quality. I decided not to purchase it. If it's poorly made, even on clearance, it's probably not a good deal.

3. You Don't Need Every Deal
-Being largely homebound with Junior for the last 16 months has taught me that I don't need every single good deal that pops up. If there's no room in my budget, or it's just clutter that I really don't need, it's not a good deal for me. When you look to purchase something, even if it's just a few dollars or on clearance, ask yourself "Do I really need this?" "Do I have a place for it?" These questions help me realize if I'm buying something that will truly be used, or just buying for the sake of buying.

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