Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Slow Down...Laugh...Repeat

Remember the old days of if you had too many programs running at the same time, the whole thing would turn sluggish and freeze...Then you'd get frustrated and press CTL+ALT+DEL a million times only to have the computer shut down completely right in the middle of Oregon Trail and you never got to find out if Ezekiel and his family made it to Oregon City alive?!? 

Well, I've been like that computer for the last month. In addition to all of Junior's usual appointments, and Stinker's homeschooling and sports, I recently had surgery to remove a cranky gallbladder. I'm tired, overscheduled, and super busy. Do I know what day it is? No.
Did I drive to Souplantation to meet my husband for lunch last week and sit there waiting for him in the parking lot only to have him call and ask why I wasn't at Red Robin? It's possible.
Did I recently spend 10 minutes looking for my cell phone, only to realize it was in my pocket the whole time? Perhaps.

The funny thing is, it doesn't even bother me anymore. I used to worry out about getting old, losing my mind, etc, but now I realize the brain can only take so much before it just freezes. When those lapses happen...daily...I just step back, try to take a quick break (maybe a walk with the kids, an escape to the backyard to clear my head, a little mental vacation by reading a magazine), laugh about it, and try to refresh.  It's important to find opportunities to laugh everyday. It keeps things in perspective, and can provide a little joy on even the most difficult days.

I've been laughing a lot lately. But, they say laughter does the heart well, so I'll just keep on laughing (and hope I find my keys soon...)

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