Thursday, October 17, 2013

What We've Been Up To...

Okay, how is October halfway over already?!
If you were to ask me, I'd swear it was still August. And, not just because it was 90 degrees yesterday.

With homeschooling Stinker every day, including one full day of classroom time per week at a local church, Junior's therapy appointments running two to three times a week, plus the sports and activities Stinker is involved in, I have two days this month with nothing on the calendar...and one of them is my birthday!

Despite the hectic schedule, I think I've been really productive. Here are some updates and some fun homeschooling ideas! (The above picture is how I organized supplies for our school room. I love that I can put all our supplies in the baskets and keep them accessible but hidden away.)

1. Junior (16 mos)
-We're doing Auditory Verbal Therapy two to three times a week, getting him to use his cochlear implants as effectively as possible. He's now saying "mah" (meaning either "more", "mine", or "mama" depending on the context), "up" (which was ironically Stinker's first word), "hi", and is babbling. He also understands "no", "bye-bye", and starts doing hand motions as soon as I start singing "The Wheels on the Bus". It's amazing that our child who was born deaf is learning to speak and listen, and we are so grateful for the technology!(Not familiar with Junior? Read his story starting HERE)

2. Homeschooling
-We're thoroughly enjoying Classical Conversations. Here are a few review games we've done.

Lego Review. See the original Post HERE for a printable version and the rules. I found a set of these awesome make-your-own foam dice at Lakeshore, and they've been very useful for several review games.

Magnetic Puzzle Review.
I wrote each of the 6 review subjects on a piece of paper and taped it to the back of this magnetic puzzle we have. (Melissa & Doug Deluxe 10-Piece Magnetic Bug Catching Game). Stinker uses the attached magnetic bug catcher to pick up one of the pieces. I ask her a review question, and if she answers correctly, she gets to put the piece in the puzzle. The goal is to complete the puzzle. She likes to win, even when she's playing by herself :)

Ping Pong Cups
I modeled this game after a well-known carnival game. You stand a few feet away, and throw the ball into a plastic or paper cup. I turn the cup over (which I've written the subject on the bottom), and ask Stinker a question on that subject. She gets a point when she answers correctly. 10 points and she wins! (Luckily, not a goldfish like at the fair :)

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  1. so happy the implants are helping him so much - AMAZING and you must be overwhelmed with joy. xoxo

    1. Thanks Jane!
      Junior's hearing has been such a miracle, and one we haven't taken for granted!


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