Monday, May 19, 2014

Book Review: Home Behind the Sun

After Junior was born and I finally worked my way out of the web of self-pity and grief that all special needs parents have experienced at some point, I began to take on a perspective of simplicity. Things stopped mattering as much, and the desire for simple living gave me a new outlook and peace in my heart. 

I began to look at everything a little differently, and sought to stop and truly enjoy life instead of just passing by without a second thought to the miracles around me. 

Timothy Willard and Jason Locy's collaboration, Home Behind the Sun, was written to share how we can catch a glimpse of the brilliance of God even in the most mundane and challenging parts of life. It describes the authors' journeys "out of shadows and into the brilliance." I was excited to read it, since the book seemed to encompass my new perspective, and would hopefully give me more advice in living a simple and joyful life.

The book is wonderfully written. The words the authors use are poignant and paint a clear and crisp picture in my mind. There is an almost poetic quality to the book, and it's obvious that these authors consider writing to be a true art form. And, I do like the premise...that we should step out of the doldrums and realize all that God has given us to enjoy in this life.

However, despite the beauty of the words, it was hard for me to get into because the book comes across as overly idealistic, with very little practical advice. I would consider it more to be a memoir than an encouraging Christian living book.

Bottom Line: 6.5*/10*

*Thank you to BookLook Bloggers for a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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