Friday, June 20, 2014

Lego Patterns Travel Game--Free Printables

I've seen a bunch of these ideas floating around Pinterest lately, and figured it would be fun to make my own. Nearly-six-year-old Stinker loves building Legos, and my father-in-law made the kids an awesome Lego table for Christmas last year, so she's always working on something.

We're going to be traveling quite a bit this summer...a much needed family vacation followed by a wedding across the country. So, I wanted a few fun activities for the plane and car. This fun activity requires only 18 Lego bricks, and I have 10 free printable designs to keep your child occupied. Just show them the card, and have them use the bricks (list below on what you'll need) to match their design to the design on the card.

You'll Need These Bricks:
  • Orange: (1) 4x2, (1) 2x2
  • Dark Green (2) 4x2, (2) 2x2
  • Lime Green (1) 2x2
  • Dark Blue (1) 4x2, (1) 3x2, (1) 2x2
  • Red (1) 4x2, (2) 2x2
  • Yellow (3) 2x2
  • White (1) 2x2
  • Black (1) 2x2
Click each Photo Below, Right Click to "View Image", then Print each photo (there are 3). Laminate and cut out the squares and store them with your Lego bricks. 

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