Monday, December 29, 2014

Top 10 Posts of 2014

Wow. This year is already coming to an end. How does this happen?! As soon as I get used to writing the year, it changes. Oh well. My genuine hope for all my readers is that 2015 will bring many blessings and joyous moments.

To wrap up the year, here are my 10 most read posts this year...I've got some great new posts coming in 2015...thank you so much for following Save Money, Live Joyfully!

1. You Know You're a CI Parent If...

2. Dear Lady Who Told My Deaf Son to Be Quiet

3. DIY Jeopardy Board

4. Slow Cooker Recipe Collection

5. Lego Patterns Travel Game- Free Printable


6. Find a Homeschool Schedule That Works for Your Family

7. DIY Lego Travel Tray

8. Our First Grade Curriculum Choices

9. Tips for Entertaining on a Budget

10. 30 Life Lessons for My 30 Years

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