Thursday, May 12, 2011

Living Joyfully-What Really Matters

In this series, I will share with you some ways to live simply and joyfully.
  • Make Time For Family
    • When asked what our priorities are, most of us would answer, without a doubt, our families. But, do we really treat them like our priorities? When you're spending snuggle  time with your 3 year old, and your Blackberry signals a text message, don't immediately get up to check it. When you're eating dinner and the phone rings, let the machine pick up and continue that conversation with your husband. Call your mom just to say "I love you." If they need you, stop what you're doing and give them your full attention. By reminding our families that they are truly our top priority, we remind ourselves what a blessing they really are. 
  • Breathe Deep
    •  The guy who said "Take time to smell the roses," was on to something. There is nothing quite like slowing down and looking at the beauty around you, to rejuvenate your spirit. Thank God for His blessings. They are plentiful if you're willing to look for them.
  • Realize Some Things Really Don't Matter
    • Admit it. (I will). You wake up with a bad hair day, and suddenly your whole day is "ruined". Your toddler spills his milk and you become Cranky Mom the rest of the afternoon. Most of the things we get upset about don't really matter. Some things are important, but the first step to having joy is separating what matters from what doesn't. God? Yes. Your family? Yes. The stupid stoplight that senses you're coming and immediately turns red just to spite you? No.
Joy is a choice. It isn't dependent on our circumstances, which change with the wind, but it is a deep, fulfilling contentment that what we have been given is good enough.

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  1. I so agree with you.
    Even though I'm much older than you, I often let the nuisances of life get to me, instead of fully enjoying the best moments. Thanks for reminding me to separate what matters and what doesn't.


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