Monday, July 11, 2011

New Target Coupons Mean GREAT Deals!

There are a lot of new Target coupons that could result in very cheap or free items!
$1/1 Colgate Max Toothbrush or Toothpaste (Target Coupon)
combine with $0.75/1 Colgate Toothpaste (Manufacturer's Coupon-MQ) from newspaper insert several weeks ago.

$0.50 Nexcare First Aid Item (Target Coupon)
combine with $0.55 Nexcare MQ from a while back. My Target had some Nexcare bandages on clearance for $1.38 last week.

$2/1 Target brand Bed Pillow (Target Coupon). Supposedly, these are as low as $2.50 each, so you could get a pillow for $0.50 with this coupon. Even if you won't use it, this would be a great shelter donation item.

$1/purchase of both Sandwich Bread and Eggs (Target Coupon). Since Market Pantry sandwich bread is only $1 this week, you'd essentially be paying for eggs and getting the bread free.

$1/Sharpie item (Target Coupon). Sharpies are $1 this week, so they're free!

$0.50 Scotch Tape (Target Coupon). These are $1 in the Back to School section, so with coupon I only paid $0.50 each. I like to stock up when they're cheap to last me through Christmas!

$1/Papermate Writing Utensil (Target Coupon). basic Papermate pens were $0.99-$1.02, so this coupon would make them free, or only $0.02.

$0.75/2 Bagged Candies (Sour Patch Kids or Swedish Fish) (Target Coupon)
combine this with the $1/2 Sour Patch Kids coupon in yesterday's paper to get cheap candy! I think the bags were $1.79 each, so with coupons I paid $1.85 for both bags.

25% off Trio Toy (Target Coupon). Target is starting to put a lot of their toys on clearance. When I was there today, they had a number of Trio toys on clearance. I paid $3.14 for one set with this coupon.

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