Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekly Menu-July 10-16

We didn't get to the Steak Gyros last week, so we're having that Sunday night, and for lunch Monday.

Monday, I'm doing one of my favorite money-saving meals; Roasted Whole Chicken. I love roasting chickens because I can get so much use out of one bird. This week I'm making three dinners, with 2 lunches worth of leftovers from a single chicken. The Pasta Salad and BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad only call for 1 C of chicken each, and on the night I'm serving Roasted Sticky Chicken, I load up the plate with lots of veggies and potatoes, so we eat less meat. Remember, the recommended serving size for any meat or chicken is only 3 ounces; much less than most Americans actually consume.

I'm making my Famous Black Beans for both the BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad and as a side for our Tamales (which I'm pulling from the freezer.) The pizza is also from the freezer, and Saturday is leftover night.

I'm setting my budget at $50 this week, with $30 for fresh fruits and vegetables. The rest will be spent on the one chicken, a cup of Greek yogurt for the Gyros, Milk, Bread, and other incidentals.

Sunday, July 10
Grilled Steak Gyros
Rice Pilaf
Roasted Zucchini

Monday, July 11
Oven-Roasted Sticky Chicken
Roasted Potatoes
Roasted Carrots

Tuesday, July 12
Italian Chicken Pasta Salad
Focaccia Bread

Wednesday, July 13
BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad
Warm Tortillas

Thursday, July 14
Beef Tamales
Crock Pot Black Beans
Green Salad

Friday, July 15
3-Cheese Pizza
Green Salad

Saturday, July 16

(Photo Credit, Food Network)

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