Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What to Have on Hand in Case of Emergency...Household Supplies

In light of the recent hurricanes and black out, last week I suggested what kinds of Food Items you should have on hand in case you should ever encounter some sort of unforeseen situation that may cut your power or water. Today, I'll be suggesting some household things to have on hand.

In case of natural disaster, you may not have power or water, and your access to stores may be limited as well. (In addition to the supply of said stores.) To avoid any panic, here are some things to store in case of an emergency.
  • Flashlights and Battery Operated Lanterns
    • This is obvious. But, get a crank flashlight as well, since it never needs batteries. Don't rely on one single flashlight, make sure you have extras.
  • Extra Batteries
    • Again, obvious, but make sure you have enough batteries, in several sizes, to ensure whatever you need will be working.
  • Battery Powered Radio
    • You will want to listen to the news for any official updates
  • First Aid Kit
    • You can purchase pre-made first aid kits at Target or Walmart
  • Gas Grill or Camping Stove
    • If you have a charcoal or propane grill, you should be able to cook, or at least heat up food. If you don't have a grill, or your grill is hooked up to the natural gas of the house, you may want to invest in a camping stove so you will have a way to cook. If you have a propane grill, make sure your propane is always close to full.
  • Can Opener for Food
    • That would be the ultimate "oops"; having a supply of canned foods, but no way to open them.
  • Matches or Stick Lighter
    • These come in handy in plenty of situations
  • Generator
    • This would be a long-term investment, but the ability to power your refrigerator during a blackout could save you hundreds of dollars in food.
  • Wet Wipes
    • Just because you don't have any water, doesn't mean your kids will not need to get cleaned up!
  • Extra Blankets or Battery Powered Fans
    • Depending on what season you're in, you will either need to remain warm or cool, without the use of a heater or air conditioner
  •  Items of Comfort for Children
    • Emergencies can be a very scary time for a child. Make sure you provide for their emotional needs by remaining calm, and assuring them. Make sure they have a favorite book or stuffed animal to keep them from panicking. 
  • Extra Supply of Diapers, Wipes, Formula, or Baby Food
    • I'm not quite sure what I would do if I was on my last diaper when an earthquake hit...and I don't want to find out!
  • Games, Deck of Cards, Books, Etc.
    • Not a necessity, but you will be bored if you have to go without power for anything length of time.
  •  An Emergency Plan
    • Determine how you would contact loved ones in case of an emergency. Determine meeting places or places of shelter in case a family member is not home at the time. Make sure your entire family knows this plan.
Hopefully, you will never have to use these items, but in the case of an earthquake, tornado, black out, or any other emergency, you will be prepared.  

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  1. Thanks for the tips on how to surive an outage, hope I don't have to go throw it, but if I do, I want all the things that I need in case of an emerency. I am also doing a service learning project for my class, so this really helps me out a lot. Thanks again, Jolene


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