Monday, November 7, 2011

My Goals for the Week

Well, I didn't even make any goals last week, so that should show you how much I actually got done! The hyperemesis is still hanging on...though I'm only 11 weeks and it didn't subside until week 37 with my last pregnancy. I'm just happy to get through each day right now, so my goals are a little less ambitious than they would be non-pregnant.
Here are my goals from last time:
Finish and Publish Two Blog Posts
It took two weeks, but I got both Saving Money During the Holidays posts up: Getting Organized and Saving When Online Shopping
Encourage Someone with a Phone Call, Note, Or Email
Come up with a Plan for Meals
I am SO blessed that friends and family have been bringing us meals, so I don't need to worry about dinners right now!
Spend 15 Minutes per day Reading to My Daughter
Accomplished this goal almost every day.
Worry Less, Trust More
Continuing Goal.

This week's goals:
Goal #1
Be Grateful and Look at the Positive
It's hard to have a good attitude when you're sick every waking second and unable to do the things you're used to. But, I am going to try and put all my energy into looking at my blessings, and nothing else.

Goal #2
Do Something Nice for the Family and Friends Who Have Brought Us Meals
It's been such a blessing to have dinner taken care of, so I'm thinking of a nice way to thank the family and friends who have been bringing us meals.

Goal #3
Do One Art Project and Read Everyday with My Daughter
My daughter loves doing art, so I want to put aside an easy project we can do together.

Goal #4
Get My Calendar in Order
With the holidays coming up, we have a busy couple months. I need to write down all my appointments, Christmas lists, and parties down before I forget! Pregnancy brain is a real condition, after all :)  

Goal #5
Spend 15 Minutes in Devotional Time Every Day.
With my daughter waking up early, and my only wanting to sleep in, I haven't spent much time reading my Bible the last couple weeks, and I really need to get back into it.

Do you have any goals this week? I would love for you to share them!

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