Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Mom Connection" Book Review and Giveaway

It's interesting how differently people are wired. Some people crave interaction and need to be with other people every single day. Some people are more homebodies, and it's impossible to drag them out of the house. I fall somewhere in between those two categories. I enjoy spending time with my friends, but there are days I'd rather just stay home with my family. The new MOPs (Moms of Preschoolers International) book, Mom Connection, by Traci Bianchi, discusses the importance of maintaining relationships within a support group of friends through the crazy young-children years to maintain our personal identity so we are able to give more to our families.

Traci Bianchi is a talented author who had me chuckling (okay, guffawing) at least once in every chapter. Her sense of humor made this book an easy read, and really brought to light some of the more challenging aspects of motherhood: "Those pre-kid women now seem like inapproachable divas. They shop, sip chai lattes, and get weekly pedicures, maybe even tote around random poodles in handbags...We mostly dig overdue library books out from under the couch" (Bianchi, 60).

The main focus through this entire book is that we need to slow down, make relationships a priority, and learn to find our "rhythm," as she puts it. There are several tasks at the end of each chapter, including thoughtful questions, a reminder to pray, and encouragement to keep a journal as we each search to find our rhythm as a mother and as a woman. When we settle into a rhythm and have a support group of other women (we are not alone in our life journey), Bianchi asserts that we will have more patience, joy, and a better attitude through the chaos that is life with young children.
I was so excited that MOPs graced me with a copy of this book and gave me the opportunity to give a copy away to one of my wonderful readers! 

Shellee has been randomly chosen as the winner of this book. Thank you so much to everyone who entered!!!

*While I was provided a complimentary copy of Mom Connection, all views and opinions are my own.

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