Monday, May 21, 2012

Saving Money-Always Check Your Receipts!

When I have to go to the grocery store, I try to plan out my trip as much as possible. I try to write down the cost of each item I anticipate purchasing, subtract the coupons I plan to use, and keep a running tally while shopping. Even with this planning, however, there are times that my total is higher than I had planned. This was the case when I went shopping this weekend.

I had planned to spend only $13, but we picked up a few additional items not on the list that should have brought my total to $18. I was surprised that my total rang up at $23, however. I walked out to the car, and examined my receipt.

The store had overcharged me by $5! The clearance yogurt rang up at full price, and the salsa on sale for half-price had rung up at full price as well. I had to shuffle back into the store and wait in line at customer service, but after they checked the prices I got my refund.

This happens more frequently than you would imagine. Even a $1 mistake every time you shop adds up! Check your receipts...or better yet, try to watch the scanners when the cashier rings you up.

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  1. This is a great tip! I always check my recipes before leaving the store. I have been overcharged many times - sometimes for things I didn't even purchase. At Publix, if the item rings up wrong they give you your money back plus give you the item for free! It is amazing. This has happened once to me. I usually get overcharged at Aldi since they type in lots of codes for the produce.


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