Monday, March 25, 2013

My Favorite Things at Trader Joes: Frozen Entrees

Ohhhh the frozen aisle of Trader Joes. Not only is it packed with delicious meals, but the top of the shelves are lined with all sorts of sweet, chocolatey, sugary, how-come-they-always-go-straight-to-my-hips treats.

But, today, I'm only focusing on the Frozen Entrees. Please chime in with your favorites as well!

Stinker loves these turkey corn dogs for lunches. The corn battering is sweet and crispy and it's nitrate free!

These pasta dishes are my pick for a quick lunch. Well, once I pick every single nasty little cherry tomato out of the vegetable pasta. I love salsa and spaghetti sauce, but raw or chunks of cooked tomato are just icky. My husband feels the same way. I think that's the real reason he married me.

These burritos are delicious. But, a word of caution--don't cook them in the microwave, cook them in the oven, otherwise the tortillas get hard.

These handmade pizzas taste great. But, they are a little on the small side, so there definitely aren't any leftovers like we would get with a homemade pizza.

We enjoy these chicken skewers. They say "marinated chipotle", but they don't have an overly Mexican vibe. In fact, I usually serve them with pita, veggies, and rice pilaf!

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