Sunday, April 7, 2013

DIY: Travel Lap Tray

I'm really excited about my DIY project today!

Stinker likes to draw/color/write in the car, but inevitably, it makes a mess and markers go everywhere whenever I make a turn. So I decided to make a contained tray that would allow her to keep all her projects in one place.

I purchased a cookie sheet from the dollar store. I found a notebook on clearance at Michaels, as well as adhesive magnetic strips, and found a small container and mini dry erase board erasers in the Target Dollar Spot. I had washable dry erase markers on hand, but you could use any markers. They don't have to be dry erase. The cookie sheet is a great surface to write on...simply erase with a dry erase eraser or a damp paper towel.

I merely cut the magnetic strips to size and attached them to the notebook and small container, then stuck them to the cookie sheet. That's it! You can also place the magnetic adhesive on other things, such as action figures or blocks*.

*Magnets are a choking hazard. Make sure your child is supervised while playing with anything that has a removable magnet. Ensure the magnet is properly affixed to the toy before giving it to your child. 

Stinker is going to be so excited when I give it to her. She might even bring it everywhere we go, and not just use it in the car!

Cookie Sheet....... $1.00
Small Container.....$1.00
Dry Erase Erasers.$1.00
Magnetic Strips....$1.79 (though I only used about a third of the bag, I'm including the full price.)

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