Thursday, June 20, 2013

Quick Tip for Retail Shopping...Save 50%!

I was looking for a new stroller for Junior that was compact and lightweight, but still had good maneuverability. Our current umbrella stroller was a nightmare to steer, so I wanted to upgrade a bit.

After researching several sites for reviews and price (including online stores that offered coupon codes as well as cash back on Ebates), I found the stroller I liked for 15% off with free shipping. Just before I purchased it, however, I decided to make a quick run to Babies R Us to "test drive" the stroller to make sure it had the features I wanted before ordering it online.

Upon arrival to Babies R Us, I discovered they had two colors of the same exact stroller on the floor. One color had a lot of boxes in stock, the other had no remaining boxes. I asked a crew member if they would offer a discount since the stroller was a floor model, and after quickly conferring with the manager, she said they would take 30% off. I also happened to have a 20% off one item store coupon, and while they told me it likely wouldn't accept the coupon, the computer did accept it. Making the stroller 50% off! The lesson?

Ask for floor model discounts!

This actually wasn't my biggest deal by purchasing a floor model. When we were first married, I wanted to purchase my husband a grill for Christmas, but the top quality brands and grills just weren't in my price range. I found the exact make and model I was looking for at Home Depot, but it happened to be the last one in stock. The manager gave me almost 60% off because it was a floor model and had some scratching in the back (which is not visible the way our grill faces in our yard). I was so excited to purchase a $600 grill for $250. (And we still use it weekly in the summer!)

Have you ever asked for a discount and received a great deal? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Those are awesome deals you got! I had no idea we could buy the floor model until a couple years ago we bought a floor model treadmill. It was normally 2,400 but we got it for 680. Buying floor models when possible is so the way to go! Coming by from moneysavingmom.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jo Lynn. What a great deal you got on the treadmill! It's always exciting to hear other people's shopping triumphs :)


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