Monday, June 17, 2013

This Week's Menu

We had nectarines last week. Oh boy, did we have nectarines! Stinker ate 10 in a single sitting yesterday. How I love the fresh fruit of summer! Thanks to the bounty, you'll see "fresh fruit" a lot this week in our menu :)

-Zucchini Muffins and fresh fruit x 3
-Waffles and fresh fruit x2
-Pancakes and fresh fruit
-Bagels and fresh fruit

-Leftovers x 3
-Out to eat x 2
-Ham Sandwiches, Fresh Fruit x 2

-Grilled Burgers, Corn on the Cob
-Slow Cooker Black Bean and Cheese Burritos, Fresh Fruit, Homemade Guacamole x 2
-Pizza and Salad
-Baked Salmon, Rice, Broccoli
-Meatballs in some form x 2

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