Wednesday, July 10, 2013

6 Frugal Meal Ideas Using Eggs

Barring an allergy or sensitivity, eggs are a great frugal ingredient that you can use for many different meals. Here are some ideas for saving money on your weekly menu using eggs as an ingredient.

1. "Leftover" Omelets
When I have scraps of vegetables or meat left over I like to make omelets. It only takes a small amount of leftovers to make omelettes, but they are very filling. Serve with a smoothie using any fruit on hand.

2. Fried Rice
I love this recipe for fried rice, for when I have even a little bit of meat leftover from a previous meal.

3. Salad Topper
Add hard boiled eggs to a salad, for a protein boost that will help fill you up. Try it on spinach salad or Caesar Salad.

4. Breakfast Burritos
Scramble eggs with a little bit of chili powder and garlic powder. Fill a tortilla with eggs, cheese, salsa, and bacon if desired. Serve with fruit or roasted potatoes.

5. Breakfast Scramble
I'll make breakfast scrambles when I have a little bit of veggies leftover but don't feel like making omelettes. Scramble eggs with chopped vegetables, such as bell peppers, mushrooms, potatoes and spinach. Serve with toast.

6. Egg Sandwiches 
For a quick and filling meal, scramble up two eggs, and place on a slice of toast. Top with cheese and broil until cheese is melted. Top with another slice of toast. 

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