Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Ask Sara" Answer #1

I've loved some of the questions I've received. Please continue to keep them coming! See the "Ask Sara" form to submit your questions. I may answer it on my site!

The first question is one I've gotten frequently:

"Why did you choose to homeschool your children? Aren't you concerned about their socialization and quality of education?"

Thanks so much for your question, Anna! I get this one a lot. When Stinker was born, I was determined to not be a homeschooling parent. I knew I would need that break during the day when she was at school to get things done and keep my sanity! But, once Junior was born, everything changed. For one, during the cochlear implant process he had to stay very healthy in order to get accurate test results as we moved forward toward surgery, so he couldn't be exposed to too much sickness. This was exactly when Stinker would have started preschool, so we decided to keep her home, with my doing some informal curriculum with her, in order to keep Junior healthy.

After everything was done with the surgery and it came time to enroll Stinker in kindergarten, I realized how much I actually loved homeschooling. I enjoyed teaching her, and it also afforded us a lot of schedule flexibility since Junior has so many appointments.

I have a degree in History, and since there isn't much to do with a history degree besides teach, I actually had to take a lot of teaching courses in college. These courses helped to prepare me, and I truly enjoy it. I look forward to our day's schooling work, and so does Stinker. As far as quality of education, I doubt you would consider a subpar education to be a kindergartener who can name all the U.S. Presidents in order, excels in math, enjoys reading the classics, and can write Latin conjugations. Also, between our weekly classroom day with other homeschoolers, t-ball, gymnastics, and playing outside with neighborhood kids, she gets plenty of socializing time.

I'm the first to admit homeschooling is not for everyone, and our decision was based on much prayerful consideration. It works for us. And what works for us may not work for everyone else! No one should ever feel bad for choosing to not homeschool, as it is a huge commitment, and won't always work for different families. But, this is where we feel led right now, and I am grateful for the opportunity to homeschool.

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