Monday, March 3, 2014

Classical Conversations Review Game-Pattern Block Design

I've been trying to stay diligent in doing daily review from our weekly Classical  Conversations grammar work, but Stinker has been getting bored of our usual games (see here for our Lego, Ping-Pong, and Bug Review Games, and here for my DIY Jeopardy Board). Out of ideas, I started looking through some of our school supplies searching for inspiration. What did I find? Pattern Blocks! Most homeschool parents already have pattern blocks for teaching math, otherwise you can find them on Amazon. (Learning Resources Wooden Pattern Blocks (Set of 250))

Get your subject dice (see top picture), or any other way of choosing a category. The student rolls, and you ask a review question from that subject. A correct answer earns a pattern block of the child's choice. An incorrect answer earns you a pattern block. You and your your child each use the pattern blocks to create a design of choice, and keep building on that design as they answer questions. You can play as long or short as you want...either ask 20 questions, or 2 of each subject, or thirty minutes...whatever you want. The "winner" is the one with the most complete or interesting design.

Stinker really enjoyed this game. In fact, when I said we were done, she begged for two more questions so she could finish her design :)

She finished with a design of "Minnie Mouse," and asked if we could play again tomorrow!

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