Thursday, September 25, 2014

You Know You're a CI Parent If...

Junior's cochlear implants are incredible, and we are so grateful that he has the opportunity to grow up in a hearing world. Sometimes, however, I find myself laughing at some of the things I say and do. I'm so proud to be a C.I. Mom!

10. You can change the batteries, do a sound check, and troubleshoot your child's processor in the dark. With your eyes closed. While turning in circles.

9. You know what things such as MAP, AVT, IEP, ABR, and NRT mean...and can use them in a sentence.

8. You've ever told your child to stop chewing on their ears.

7. You've ever had to pull the car over to stop the incessant beeping of a dropped processor.

6. The Ling 6 is a part of your daily vocabulary.

5. You've ever said "I know you can hear me. Your processor is flashing," to a child who's ignoring you.

4. You frequently have to explain to strangers that "yes, he will always need those things on his head", and "no, he will not grow out of them someday."

3.You've ever wished for the luxury of taking your ears off when you don't feel like listening.

2. Your child has ever pointed to her head when you ask where her ears are.

1. Every time your child responds to your voice, you realize the miracle it truly is. No matter the struggles in getting to that point, their being able to hear "I love you" makes you feel grateful and blessed beyond belief.

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  1. I can certainly agree with all of those points. #8 happens quite often in my home as my son is 16 month's old and hasn't quite learned he doesn't need to taste test everything!


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